A wicked mother who claimed the Bible told her to beat her toddler with a cane before she murdered him will serve at least 25 years behind bars.

In the weeks before his violent death, three-year-old Dwelaniyah Robinson suffered excruciating burns from being forced into scalding water and was subjected to a series of cruel acts by his mother Christina Robinson.

This included being lashed with a cane for ‘messing with his food’.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the little boy died after the emergency services were called to his home on November 5 2022 by Robinson, who claimed he had stopped breathing while eating a cheese bap.

Paramedics who attended the house at Bracken Court, Ushaw Moor, County Durham, saw the boy’s legs were heavily bandaged.

The dressings concealed agonising burn injuries to his legs buttocks and genitals, which covered up to 20 percent of his body, should have had immediate surgical intervention but had received no proper medical treatment.

Dwelaniyah also had distinctive bruising to his arms and body after being beaten with a bamboo cane while he was already badly burned.

The little boy’s death was caused by an impact to his head which caused devastating injuries to his eyes and brain.

The court heard he had suffered similar injury two days earlier, which had started to heal.

Robinson, who was married but pregnant by a sperm donor and had been seeing a man she met on a dating site at the time her son died, denied murder and four charges of cruelty to a person under 16.

The 30-year-old, who showed no emotion at the scene, during questioning or at trial, was found guilty by a jury in March.

At her sentence hearing today, Robinson continued to deny her guilt and told the court: ‘I pray for the day when justice will be served.

‘I didn’t kill my child in any way, whichever way anyone wants to imagine it. I will forever stand by it.’

Mr Justice Garnham sentenced her to life behind bars with a minimum term of 25 years.

The judge said: ‘What must have gone through that little boy’s mind, being beaten with a cane by his mother, despite the terrible burns, doesn’t bear thinking about.’

Robinson, a former hairdresser and personal trainer had told the court during the trial she wanted a large family, with children in ‘double figures’ and followed the movement of the ‘Black Hebrew Israelites’, which she described as more of a ‘lifestyle than a religion’.

She said the sabbath falls on a Saturday, where the religion allows no work, cooking, cleaning or pleasure and should be focused on ‘God himself’.

Robinson said on the day of Dwelaniyah’s death, which was a Saturday, she had been ‘very happy but very tired’ and had been listening to religious teachings on YouTube.

She admitted using a cane on the boy that day for ‘messing around with his food’, after she watched a video scripture about chastisement.

Prosecutor Richard Wright KC told the court Dwelaniyah died at hospital just over an hour after Robinson initially made a call to the emergency services.

The little boy had 70 separate sites of injuries, including the burns, bruises and abrasions.

Mr Wright the court: ‘His body revealed over a period of time before his death he had been the victim of a series of assaults and had sustained a number of non accidental injuries.

‘In other words, somebody had been deliberately hurting this little boy and had been doing so over a period of time.

‘That person, say the prosecution, was his mother, the defendant Christina Robinson.

‘There is clear evidence that Dwelaniyah had been beating with a weapon in multiple areas of his body, causing line bruising, a distinctive type of bruise seen when someone has been struck with a cylindrical weapon.

‘In this case, the little boy had been repeatedly beaten with a bamboo cane by his mother.’

Mr Wright said Robinson believed she was ‘allowed to do so because the bible told her to chastise her child.’

The prosecutor said the bandages on Dwelaniyah’s legs were covering ‘extensive’ burns and added: ‘They would have caused excruciating pain both when inflicted and afterwards when not treated or cared for.

‘These were very serious burn injuries. Surgery would have been required to treat them. They required immediate medical attention and would have left him scarred for life.

‘For weeks after these burns were sustained she sought no help for him and instead watched as every day he struggled in pain with terrible burns bleeding through his bandages she had applied.’

The court heard Dwelaniyah’s fatal head injuries may have been caused by shaking and or impact with a surface.

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