Our Mission

Here at Israelite Studies©, we understand that in order for information to be provided that helps to answer questions, that info must first be studied in order to give absolute conclusions based upon accurate examinations of any resource contributing to it.

Searching the Scriptures

Just as in Acts 17:11, we search out to the furthest extent of our resources. By applying the comparative research methodology, harmony is developed for concrete evidence.


We are passionate in building bridges by the exchange of information. This helps to develop much-needed discussions regarding the truth of the Bible while aiming for unity.

Complimentary Tools

Everything you will find on this website is 100% free to use and share. The labor performed on this site is not for self, but for the glorifying of the most high.

Apt to Teach

All who share information on this platform exhibit patience and are gentle to all; per 2 Timothy 2:24, while remaining open to feedback for possible corrections.

Community Care

The Israelite community is in need of healing. We strive to help those in need by using our network to provide any assistance which can be applied to the matter at hand.

Zero Biased Views

We are not exclusive to any organization. This enity operates under the authority of Yahawah as he provides the means to function independently.

Background Info

Founded in 2017, Israelite Studies© began with a vision to be active in the internet world and provide to the Israelite nation a website we could call our own. Majority of the knowledge received on the world wide web about the Bible derives from mainstream Christian sources, which can present biased viewpoints based upon their doctrine. As the awakening of the Israelites progresses, there was a dire need of an online hub in which these individuals can have access to. Over the years, many have studied various topics and have brought forth solid conclusions that are seemingly undeniable. The time for all of these conclusions to be accessible to all Israelites has come. Rather than spending so much time gathering all of what is needed to conclude on a matter, this place has done it for you. We are the one-stop-portal to what you need to further your growth in the knowledge and wisdom of the living word!

How Do We Conduct Our Studies?

Our research team comes with a collective of 25+ years’ experience in Biblical Studies and examination. Although each member holds a particular position for each topic, an unbiased approach is taken when applying the comparative research method to best harmonize concrete interpretations of scripture. Each topic is put under heavy scrutiny while taking into consideration, language, cultural and historical backgrounds, parallel texts, etc. Once any study has been exhausted, our team finalizes the findings with a collective position, then it is submitted to our elected council of elders possessing a collection of 75+ years of Biblical Studies for initial review. Their feedback is then made available with our findings and, if necessary, amendments to the studies are applied. Once their feedback is provided, all of the views expressed by our research team and council of elders are made available for the public to form their own conclusions.

We are NOT an Antisemitic Organization:

As a research team, we strive to deal with the unfiltered history of the Bible, with knowing that the findings can be offensive to the Jewish community. However, we refuse to be included in what today’s society refers to as antisemitism. As members of the Israelite community, we ascribe to being semitic in our own right; thus, making it impossible to be antisemitic. When referencing the definition of Semitic, Merriam-Webster Dictionary states the following: of, relating to, or constituting a subfamily of the Afro-Asiatic language family that includes Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic, and Amharic.

While the same source defines Antisemitism as hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group, we have concluded that our beliefs do not reflect that which is defined here, because we embrace the religion, ethnicity, and race of Jews, which in large we believe is ascribed to the so-called negros of the diaspora. Although this viewpoint has been deemed to be antisemitic by the current Jewish community of today, we challenge this by affirming our research to be credible, not because of the scholarship provided within our community of Israelites, but also that of Jewish, Christians, and Historians.

In closing, we would like to say that any & all hostility toward the Israelite community is indeed antisemitism; no less different than any racial slurs directed at so-called negros. We encourage all readers of the Bible to consider our research in the establishment of the truth.